Providing genetic counselling and genetic testing (including BRCA1 and BRCA2) throughout Australia, Sydney Cancer Genetics is a specialised medical service supporting individuals and families concerned about cancer.

Our services include:

  • assessment of inherited risk
  • genetic counselling and testing
  • cancer risk management
  • telehealth to regional and rural areas

Our staff include: Genetic Oncologist

Dr Hilda High. Dr High sees patients throughout Australia via Telehealth and face to face in Sydney from rooms in Wahroonga and Ultimo

It seems as though everyone in my family has had cancer.

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I’ve been told there’s a fault in a gene in our family. What do I do now?

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My mum had breast cancer at a young age. Does that mean I will too?

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I just want to get some advice about the genetics of cancer.

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Why do all my doctors ask if I'm Jewish? I've just been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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I had bowel cancer 4 years ago and now my doctor wants to test the tumour, why?

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