Pink Hope launches co-funded genetic test

Yesterday Pink Hope announced it would be co-funding genetic testing for women who are at moderate to high risk of breast and/or ovarian cancer and who had just missed out on funded testing via the public system. The project is supported by Barbells for Boobs and, for eligible patients, the test will cost $200. See Pink Hope’s Your Risk or the Pink Hope Facebook page.

Patients can assess their risk by downloading our Family History Questionnaire and discussing it with their GP or by using Pink Hope’s YourRisk tool (developed in conjunction with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre).

Criteria for publicly funded testing, as well as management guidelines, can be found on the Cancer Institute’s eviQ website. (You will need to register for a login, then see the Cancer Genetics tab.). Alternatively see our guidelines on general referrals.

The test in question is a 30 gene panel test by Color Genomics, a US based company. The DNA is extracted from a saliva sample provided by the patient. The test can be obtained without the subsidy for US $250 + $50 postage and handling (again, it requires a qualified doctor to order the test).

The aim of the program is to raise awareness of reduced test costs and the option of private clinics and self funded testing for patients who are looking for an alternate to the public system. See our Links Page for a short list of other private clinics operating in Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

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