COVID-19 and Telehealth

Telehealth consults to home provided by Sydney Cancer Genetics

There is never a “good time” to have cancer. Fortunately, Sydney Cancer Genetics offers Telehealth consults to your home, and has since 2013. But how, in this time of COVID-19, social distancing and lock downs do you organise an appointment?

Obtain a Referral

Call your GP or specialist and request a referral be sent to Dr Hilda High, Sydney Cancer Genetics for cancer genetic assessment +/- testing. They can send it by email or fax to 02 9304 0468.

Some doctors will still ask you to make an appointment. This is just so that they can make a time to call you. You don’t have to go in person. And, most doctors will be able to bulk bill you using the newly created and expanded COVID-19 MBS item numbers, even if your not a “vulnerable and/or isolated patient”.

If you live in rural or regional Australia

You are eligible for bulk billed Telehealth. This is “business as usual”. We have supported rural and regional Australians in this way for over 7 years. Your consult can be to your home using Skype or, if preferred and available, to your GP. Rural and regional areas are classified as RA2. All of the NT and Tasmania are classified as “RA2 or above”.

If you live in a metropolitan centre

You could see us in our rooms as usual, unless you are self-isolating. Our rooms at Ultimo are not part of a hospital or large medical practice and we do not share our waiting room, so social-distancing is easy. If you are attending the SAN hospital for treatment, we can see you in our rooms there. These rooms are accessible from the carpark and are separate from the main hospital.

You can request a Telehealth consult with us to your home.

Most capital cities and the large cities next door are classified RA1. So for Sydney this includes Wollongong and Newcastle while for Melbourne it includes Geelong. If you live in an “RA1” area, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a Telehealth consult. It just means our fees would apply as usual, but without the Medicare rebate.

Remember, Hobart and Darwin are classified as “RA2 and are eligible for bulk billed Telehealth.

The new COVID-19 item numbers do not apply to the item numbers 132 and 133 for complex consults that we use. However, there is still the public option. Many public familial cancer clinics are operating and are using the new COVID-19 item numbers. For a list of public clinics, see our links page.

At Sydney Cancer Genetics we are committed to reducing cancer risk for you and your family.

For guidelines on who should be referred click here.