Rare cancers – when to refer to genetics

A recent article was published by Kimberly Banks et al, in Familial Cancer (see Familial Cancer 2013;12:1-18) that listed the top 10 rare tumours that warrant a genetics referral.  5 to 10% of more common cancers (such as breast or bowel cancers)  are due to inherited mutations in key genes. By contrast, in certain rare tumours, an inherited cause is significantly more likely .  Patients with these rare tumours...
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Contraception and Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risks

There is a misconception that women who are at increased risk of breast cancer shouldn’t use the oral contraceptive pill. This post discussed the different types of effective birth control and the effect they have on breast and/or ovarian cancer. Contraception can be divided into hormonal and non hormonal methods.  The non hormonal methods have no effect on breast or ovarian cancer risk.  They include:...
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