Lynch syndrome: Past Present and Future

Dr Hilda High’s Lynch syndrome: Past, Present and Future talk, presented at the Living with Lynch syndrome conference in Sydney this year, is now available for viewing.

This presentation was specifically written for a non medical audience – but there is much of interest for doctors as well!

Lynch syndrome is an inherited cancer syndrome caused by mutations affecting the mismatch repair genes. It is associated with a high risk of early onset colon, uterine and ovarian cancer as well as an increase in risk of cancer of the small bowel, stomach, pancreas and the kidneys and ureters.

Screening (eg colonoscopy) and surgery (eg hysterectomy) can significantly reduce the risk of these cancers and saves lives.

Importantly, colon cancer and uterine cancer tissue can be tested to see if Lynch syndrome is a possibility and this is used to guide genetic testing.

For more information – you’ll have to watch the presentation!

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