Dr Hilda High, Genetic Oncologist


Dr Hilda High is head of Sydney Cancer Genetics, the private practice she created in 2012. She sees patients throughout Australia via TeleHealth and in face-to face clinics at the SAN hospital, Wahroonga and in Ultimo, Sydney.

Dr Hilda High completed her medical degree at Sydney University with honours and was awarded The Dominque Clancey and Andrew Donald Memorial Prize: “in recognition of her dedication, selflessness and commitment to others”. She is a registered Medical Oncologist specialising in Cancer Genetics and completed her Master of Community Health, for which she won the Master of Community Health Prize, through the University of NSW.

Dr High is a key member of the Australian Government's Cancer Institute's eviQ group. Working with other experts, Hilda develops evidence-based, best-practice national guidelines for genetic testing and the management of inherited cancer syndromes.

Hilda is an unpaid founding director of The Cancer Genetics Fund charity.

Hilda has a keen interest in research. She has presented her work at national and international conferences and has published in key international journals.

Hilda is a unpaid founding director of The Cancer Genetics Fund. The Cancer Genetics Fund is a registered charity. It was formed to promote awareness of hereditary cancer syndromes and their management. Its goals are to prevent cancer and reduce cancer's effect on individuals and families. Also, a key focus of The Cancer Genetics fund is to provide rural and regional patients with access to hereditary cancer research trials.

Keen to share her knowledge, Dr Hilda High is passionate speaker, providing lectures and workshop for students, doctors and the general public. Hilda has a gift for translating complex medical concepts into easy-to-understand analogies. She worked with Julie McCrossin to produce the cancer genetics episode of The Cancer Council's The Thing About Cancer podcast series and she has been interviewed on radio and TV, including the Today Show.

Hilda previously worked as an HIV specialist dietitian and was awarded the Mead Johnson Achiever’s Award from the Dietitians Association of Australia and Bristol Myers Squibb for “leadership, expertise and service to the profession”. She is skilled in working in sensitive areas requiring a high degree of confidentiality. Dr Hilda High is a caring and sympathetic doctor. She is aware of the emotional issues that may arise when discussing family cancer histories as well as the sometimes complicated dynamics of a modern family.

Over the years, Dr Hilda High's professional memberships have included the Medical Oncology Group of Australia (MOGA), the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the Human Genetics Organisation (HUGO), the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) and she remains an active member of the Private Cancer Physicians Australia (PCPA).

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