Telehealth: if a physio can do it, so can you!

Dr Hilda High has been conducting bulk billed Telehealth consults throughout rural and regional Australia since 2013. In this presentation, she summarises her experiences for the Royal Australian College of Physicians workshop on Telehealth.

It’s filled with practical tips and tricks for both GPs and Specialists.

Dr High’s presentation is followed by a presentation by Julia Martinovich entitled “How to Make Telehealth Work” and a short question and answer segment.

For information on Telehealth Item numbers for both Specialists and GPs (“patient-end”), see the MBS Online website MBS Video Consultation Items page.

(the first few introductory slides are missing, including the Outline of the talk:
Setting up
Before the consult
During the consult
After the consult
Finding Patients
Other tips and tricks)

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