We try hard to keep our information up to date and accurate. ┬áPlease let us know if a webpage we have a link to has been moved. Although we can’t list everyone, please let us know if you’ve found a particularly useful site.
General Information on Cancer:
Cancer Australia has information on all aspects of cancer, for patients and doctors
eviQ an evidence based, point of contact resource. Mainly for doctors with information on referring, testing and management. You need to register for a login, then see the Cancer Genetics tab. Specific information for patients and families is available on these conditions: BRCA1, BRCA2 and Lynch syndrome.
Gene Tests – Review is a very detailed, up to date site. Mainly for doctors but also very useful for patients who want as much information as possible about a specific condition.
Private cancer genetic services exist in other major cities:

For a list of both public hospital based familial cancer clinics and other private cancer genetics services see The Human Genetics Society of Australasia.

Support groups
There are heaps! They range from common cancers such as breast cancer to rare tumours. Some to choose from:
Pink Hope was set up to support young women affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer
Lynch Syndrome Australia provides information for people who have increased risk of bowel (colon) and uterine cancers due to a mutation in one of the 4 mismatch repair genes associated with Lynch syndrome
Pheo Para Troopers is a support group for people affected by the uncommon tumours paragangliomas and pheochromocytomas.
Rare Cancers Australia is a charity whose purpose is to improve awareness, support and treatment of Australians with rare and less common cancers.
The Unicorn Foundation deals with the uncommon neuroendocrine tumours.

Other very useful sites
Telehealth: the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) has an amazing section dedicated to helping doctors get established in Telehealth. Full of practical information including patient information sheets