South Australia Breast Care Nurses talk

You’ll find a copy of the slides for the phone meeting here:  SA Breast Care Nurse presentation 2017 Feel free to click along as we talk but don’t spoil the fun and click ahead!...
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Pink Hope launches co-funded genetic test

Yesterday Pink Hope announced it would be co-funding genetic testing for women who are at moderate to high risk of breast and/or ovarian cancer and who had just missed out on funded testing via the public system. The project is supported by Barbells for Boobs and, for eligible patients, the test will cost $200. See Pink Hope’s Your Risk or the Pink Hope Facebook page....
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Linking patients with researchers regardless of postcode: The Cancer Genetics Fund launches the ClinTrial Refer Cancer Genetics App

The majority of eligible rural and regional Australians are not involved in research. Dr Hilda High, Genetic Oncologist, explained: “I do a lot of Telehealth to rural and regional areas of Australia. Many of patients and families are very keen to be involved in research. But they think that they have to live in a capital city”. Most cancer genetics trials DON’T require the patient...
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