How much does genetic testing cost?

How much does Genetic Testing Cost in Australia?

Germline genetic testing usually costs $399 to $600 for a cancer risk panel of 5 to 14 genes. Larger cancer gene panels of up to 27 genes may cost $800 or more. In Australia, some genetic testing is Medicare funded, making it "free" if you meet the criteria.

Genetic testing is much cheaper than it used to be!

There are different types of genetic testing. The most common is germline genetic testing. This testing looks for inherited mistakes in key genes. Somatic, or tumour testing, is also available and is used to guide cancer therapy.

Who is eligible for Medicare Funded testing?

This is usually based on having had cancer and having a 10% or higher chance of carrying a mutation or having a blood relative who is known to carry a mutation. For eligibility criteria, listed by cancer type, see our page on Medicare funded (bulk billed) testing.

At Sydney Cancer Genetics, we make no money from any testing ordered so you know we are always acting in your interest. And, if you are eligible for a Medicare funded test, it will always be bulk billed.

At Sydney Cancer Genetics you can choose to self-fund genetic testing. It is billed separately from your medical consult. There is never any obligation to have a genetic test.

Quality is important and so is how your DNA is stored and handled. We only use NATA accredited Australian labs.

We are not tied to any one lab, meaning we can provide the best test for you at the best price. And, because you are always seen by a medical specialist, your test can be bulk billed if you meet the Medicare guidelines.