Will I get a genetic test?

Will I get a genetic test?

Yes, if you want to. But, you don't have to....

At the appointment, we'll review your personal and family history and we'll also discuss the implications and limitations of genetic testing. This is so that you can provide informed consent.

If you meet the Medicare criteria, the testing will be bulk billed. Testing can usually be organised on the same day, via a simple blood test.

If you don't meet testing criteria, self funded testing can be organised. You can read more about the cost of self-funded testing.

If you are having treatment for cancer, make an appointment early on. A genetic test may change your treatment options or help you to decide on what kind of surgery to pursue. It usually takes 4 or 5 weeks for the labs to finalise your result. You want to have enough time to think things through.

Genetic testing can't tell you if you will get cancer or not. But, if you were born with a genetic mutation that puts you at high risk, knowing about it means that you can take steps to reduce that risk.

Sydney Cancer Genetics we can provide personalised screening advice even if no genetic testing is done.

Not everyone wants or needs a genetic test. A consult is a confidential opportunity to assess the likelihood that the cancers in your family were caused by an inherited genetic mutation.

If you want to go away and think about it, that's fine too. And, if you return in 3 to 6 months' time to organise the test, we'll bulk bill that review appointment.